The Open Amiga Hardware Repository

The Commodore Amiga platform is still alive, and enthusiasts around the world are still developing new hardware and software for it.

The Open Amiga Hardware Repository is meant to promote Amiga related open hardware projects. If you have developed open Amiga hardware, or are looking for open Amiga hardware projects, you have come to the right place!

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Open Amiga Hardware

These projects use a Product ID from the Open Amiga Hardware Repository.

Manuf-ID Prod-ID Project Maker Type
5194 1 GottaGoFastRAM Matt Harlum A500/1000/2000/CDTV Fast RAM
5194 2 GottaGoFastRAM2000 Matt Harlum A2000 Fast RAM
5194 3 GottaGoFaZt3r Matt Harlum A3000/A4000 Fast RAM

All IDs are decimal. See here about how to apply for your own Product ID.

Adapters and Interfaces

Connect non-Amiga hardware to your trusty Amiga.

Project Maker Type
KA12 serial port MIDI interface RastPort MIDI interface
Open PSX2AmigaPad Adapter SukkoPera PSX joystick adapter
RGB2HDMI CPLD Board LinuxJedi HDMI adapter
YAMI Shred Serial mouse adapter


Speed up your Amiga with modern CPUs or CPLDs.

Project Maker Type
N2630 jasonsbeer A2630 re-imaginged
PiStorm PiStorm RasPi based accelerator

RAM Expansions

Extend your Amiga's RAM.

Project Maker Type
Open Amiga 500 Fast RAM Expansion SukkoPera Amiga 500 Fast RAM
Open Amiga 600 Fast RAM Expansion SukkoPera Amiga 600 Fast RAM
Open Amiga 600 RAM Expansion SukkoPera Amiga 600 RAM

Replacement Parts

Replacement parts for classic Amiga models.

Project Maker Type
Open Amiga Video Hybrid SukkoPera Video Hybrid replacement

Replica Boards

Replicas of original Amiga boards.

Project Maker Type
A1000 Rejuvenator joethezombie Replica A1000 Rejuvenator
A3630 John "Chucky" Hertell Replica A3630 CPU board
A3640/A3660 John "Chucky" Hertell Replica A3640/A3660 CPU board
A4000 Replica Board Acill Replica Amiga 4000
Amiga2000-Remake Floppie2009 Replica Amiga 2000
Rämixx500 SukkoPera Replica Amiga 500
ReAmiga 1200 ReAmiga Replica Amiga 1200
ReAmiga 3000 ReAmiga Replica Amiga 3000
ReCD32 ReAmiga Replica CD32

Reinvented, modern Amiga mainboards.

Project Maker Type
Amiga2000 EATX jasonsbeer Amiga 2000, EATX form factor
MiniMig EmbeddedSoft FPGA Amiga, MiniITX form factor


This is just a collection of links to open hardware projects.

We have not tested these projects ourselves and therefore cannot provide any warranty, either expressed or implied, regarding their functionality or their potential to cause damage to your hardware or property. If you have any questions or encounter any issues with a project, please reach out to the respective project owner for assistance.