You have made an open Amiga hardware project?

Feel free to apply for being listed in this repository!

It just takes a minute and is free of charge. The Open Amiga Hardware Repository is run by Amiga enthusiasts.

Our goal is to promote the development of open Amiga hardware.

The Rules

To get added to this repository, and get your own product IDs (if necessary), you need to comply with the following rules:

1. Open Source

All parts of your project (hardware, firmware, drivers, JEDEC files, documentation etc) must be publically available either under Creative Commons or an OSI approved open source license.

Of course you are still permitted to use and distribute your project commercially. However, it is essential that the open resources you provide are comprehensive enough, so anyone can build an own functional copy of your project by themself (given the necessary skills and equipment).

Your project must be freely accessible to the public, with no obligation to register, subscribe, or pay access fees.

2. Working Project State

Your project must have reached at least a working prototype state. You must be able to provide a photo of a working board (no experimental boards or rendered board images).

It is okay if there are still bugs, or if your board still needs a small number of botch wires and manual fixes, as long as you plan to get these issues corrected.

The reason for this rule is that we don't want to flood the repository with "useless" projects that might never leave their conceptional phase.

Your Product ID

In order to be discovered on the Zorro bus, Amiga hardware expansions need a Manufacturer ID and Product ID. The Manufacturer ID was assigned by Commodore, while the Product ID is assigned by the manufacturer. Manufacturer IDs can still be obtained today, but it is tedious for hobbyists.

The Open Amiga Hardware Repository has reserved its own official Manufacturer ID, and is now assigning individual Product IDs to open hardware projects, simple and free of charge! Your hardware product can get an official and unique Product ID that is reserved for you for a lifetime. There is no need to use the prototype Manufacturer ID, or to waste time acquiring your own Manufacturer ID.

If your project needs one or more Product IDs, just state so in your application, and we will provide them.

As an additional benefit, your hardware will be automatically recognized by boards.library and identify.library with their next update.

How To Apply

Please open an issue with this project. You will find a form there that you will need to fill out.

If we have further questions, we will follow up in that issue.

At the end, if everything went fine, your project will be listed in this repository, and you will get your Product IDs assigned.

The Small Print

  • We reserve the right to refuse adding you to the repository, or assigning you a Product ID, without giving a reason.
  • Product IDs will be assigned on a "first-come, first-served" base.
  • You may request a specific Product ID, and we will make an effort to fulfill your request. However, please note that the assignment of Product IDs is subject to our discretion.
  • We do not permit to reserve Product IDs for "future use". Please only quote for Product IDs that you actually need for your current project. You can always come back later and request more Product IDs if you need them.